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Are you receiving business documents periodically from the same sources ? Stop losing time with manual data entry. Automate your business.

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We welcome everyone !

Every standard extensions are supported by toSheet's engine. Upload your files and pick your favorite spreadsheet to start the extraction.


Drag & Drop

Drop your list of files coming from the same souce.

dragfiles dragndrop

Select Data

Clic once on every data you want to extract.


Pick your Spreadsheet

Where would you like toSheet to gather all the data ?


Choose your favorite extension then toSheet proceeds with a bulk extraction of all the files.


  • Unlimited extractions
  • No data retention
  • Email support
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  • Custom made solutions
  • Attached files data retrieval
  • Online storage option
  • Email & Phone support


  • How is my data secured ?

    We don't keep any of your data. All of your documents and parsed data are deleted once the extraction is finished. If however you need to safely store your data online, contact us.

  • Can the data be extracted to a Google Spreadsheet ?

    Yes, it's possible !

  • What if my document has a low quality ?

    Naturally, the finer the quality, the sharper the extraction will be. Don't hesitate to give it a try with one page !

Still not convinced ?